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Oil Jumps On OPEC’s El-Badri’s “$200 A Barrel Sometime” Comments

The headline-reading algos were at the top of their game this morning when milliseconds after OPEC’s general secretary Abdalla El-Badri said oil prices could reach $200 a barrel if there’s a lack of investment following this price slump… though failed to provide any timeline for his forecast. WTI prices jumped $1 from $45 to $46 even as El-Badri noted the market was still over-supplied by 1.5 million barrels per day.

Assuming We’re Not All Incinerated: Eurasian Power in a Post-Western World

by James Holbrooks, Activist Post:

“Western Europe is undergoing a wave of Islamization, anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. It is awash in this, and we would like to ensure that the State of Israel will have varied markets around the world.”

Speaking ahead of a meeting with the prime minister of Japan on Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Israel’s need to reduce its dependence on European trade. The arrival of the delegation marked the first time since 2006 that a Japanese prime minister has visited Israel, and highlights the extent to which ties have been strengthening between the two countries since Netanyahu was welcomed in Japan in May of last year.

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Oil-and-Gas Default Wave, “Outright Liquidations” Next

from Wolf Street:

Every rally in crude oil since June turned out to be a pathetic sucker rally. On Friday, West Texas Intermediate fell over 2% to $45.32 a barrel, back where it had been on January 12, annihilating most of the 12% rally in between. WTI is now 58% below the June peak.

“If prices stay low well into the latter half of this year and next year, borrowing basis will come down quite significantly” for oil-and-gas exploration-and-production companies in the US, “and that is when you can start to see liquidity spiraling out,” warned Tom Watters, a managing director at Standard & Poor’s oil & gas team. And that, he said, is when single-B rated companies could see a wave of defaults.

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OPEC Puppets and Canada Give Away Their Oil

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

The world is running out of oil. Peak Oil is a reality, all that is open to debate is how fast production will drop off, and how quickly the world will simply run out of oil. The lack of certainty is due to the fact that (as with everything else) we can’t trust the “official” numbers fed to us, with respect to either global production or global reserves.

Numbers supplied by Saudi Arabia’s corrupt monarchy have been regarded with deep suspicion, for many years, based on inconsistencies in the numbers themselves, and the high degree of secrecy within the Saudi oil industry. More recently; the massive conspiracy with respect to U.S. “shale oil” has now been exposed, with actual supply

being as little as 4% of the fantastic “reserves” claimed by the Shale Charlatans. Read More @

Syriza Forms Coalition Government With Anti-Bailout Independent Greeks: What Happens Next

There was some excitement in the capital markets overnight, when what was initially seen as an outright victory for Syriza, giving it an absolute, 151-seat majority in parliament – a fear that briefly pushed the EURUSD under 1.11 when the Euro PPT stepped in – ended up being a placing just shy of a majority with 149 seats. However, that same excitement fizzled several hours ago when the “radical left” party agreed to form a government with the “rightwing” group of the Independent Greeks in the aftermath of Syriza’s historic win which harnessed the public backlash against years of belt-tightening, job losses and hardship.

The Swiss Franc Is Getting Crushed

The early bid for Swiss Francs following the Greek election results has turned into a bloodbath of outflows as EURCHF has swung a huge 230 pips overnight with Swissy now at its weakest to the Euro since before QECB leaks last Wednesday… One wonders if the SNB is back in the game?

Chinese Currency Plunges To Peg Limit Against USDollar, Strongest Against Euro In 14 Years

from ZeroHedge:

The drop in the Yuan over the past 2 days is the largest against the USDollar since Nov 2008 as USDCNY nears its highest (CNY weakest) since mid-2012. What is more critical is that for the first time since the new 2% CNY peg bands, USDCNY is trading at the extremes – 11.5 handles cheap to the fix. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the EURCNY just dropped below 7.00 for the first time since June 2001 with the biggest 2-day strengthening of the Chinese currency against the Euro in almost 4 years. It appears the consequences of ECB QE, SNB volatility, and now Greek concerns continue to ripple through the rest of the world.. and at a time when China faces its ubiquitous new year liquidity squeeze, that is not a good sign.

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LAND GRAB: Obama Administration To Propose New Wilderness Protections In Arctic Refuge — Alaska Republicans Declare War

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GMO FASCIST INSANITY: Millions of GMO Insects Set for Release in Florida Keys

by Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society:

As war wages over the genetic modification of the food supply, mega biotech companies have already begun launching campaigns to release millions of GMO insects in the Florida Keys region that have been cross-bred with the herpes simplex virus and E. coli bacteria.

With petitions against the release already amassing 130,000 signatures, British researchers are currently seeking government approval to initiate the unprecedented release. It was back in December of 2014 that we first revealed to you that these mosquitoes were already being shipped inside the United States, showing the confidence of the biotech lobbyists and researchers that they are in fact going to be granted the stamp of approval by the Food and Drug Administration to release the GMO insects.

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Russian official warns sanctions of “brink of war”
The head of a leading Kremlin-owned bank warned on Friday that further banking sanctions would lead Russia and the U.S. to the “brink of war.” Andrei Kostin, the head of VTB, reacted angrily when asked what the consequences would be if Russia were excluded from the Swift banking system, a secure means of moving money across borders.

Iran vows to attack Israel from West Bank
Iran has threatened to attack Israel from the West Bank, in retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria on Sunday that left 12 Iranian and Hezbollah operatives dead. The airstrike has been attributed to Israel and though Jerusalem has not officially confirmed it, anonymous government sources have admitted as much.

Boko Haram attacks key Nigerian city of Maiduguri
Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram fighters have attacked the strategically important north-eastern city of Maiduguri, with dozens reported dead. Earlier on Sunday they captured the north-eastern town of Monguno. The BBC’s Will Ross in Lagos says that with the insurgents gaining ground, Maiduguri is increasingly at risk.


Goldcore: Euro Gold Surges To EUR 1,168 After Greek Election Landslide

The crushing victory of the Greek opposition party Syriza in yesterday’s Greek elections has added to jitters in already jittery financial and foreign exchange markets.

Head of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras waves after winning the elections in Athens

The euro tumbled and gold in euros surged to its highest level since April 2013, at €1,167.94/oz as markets opened in Asia. The euro has since stablized but remains near a 11 year low against the dollar and is now down 16.7 percent against gold in January alone.

Gold in Euros - 5 Days (Thomson Reuters)

U.S. stock index futures fell, as did European shares prior to slight recoveries while borrowing costs for the euro zone’s most indebted states rose due to increasing concerns that the Syriza party looked set to take on Greece’s international lenders after the landslide victory.

Greek markets saw worse losses. Ten-year yields rose 22 basis points to 8.99 percent, while Greece’s main stock index fell 0.6 percent, with shares in banks such as Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank hit even more.

Yields on lower-rated euro zone bonds bounced off record lows, with Italian 10-year yields up 2 basis point at 1.54 percent and Spanish and Portuguese yields 2 bps higher at 1.39 percent and 2.26 percent, respectively.

Gold in Euros - 5 Years (Thomson Reuters)

A period of uncertainty and heightened market nervousness now seems likely and this should benefit gold.

Political uncertainty has already generated bank runs. Greek banks are already facing a serious liquidity problem as depositors have withdrawn billions of euros in recent days and weeks.  Four major Greek banks have already asked for Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) from the European Central Bank (ECB).

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras promised Greeks overnight that the five years of austerity imposed under bailout programs worth 240 billion euros from the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were over.

Prime Minister-elect Alexis Tsipras, who pledged to renegotiate the nation’s international bailout, won 149 out of a possible 300 seats in Parliament. His mandate is now to confront the nation’s programme of austerity, imposed in return for pledges of 240 billion euros in aid since May 2010.

Syriza have been given the resounding backing of the Greek people to initiate reforms to the agreement the previous government negotiated with the Troika. His pledges include a writedown of Greek debt while persuading European creditors to keep aid flowing.

The left-wing group are just two seats short of a majority with means they should be able to form a government with sympathetic individuals or parties.

While Syriza have been careful to highlight their commitment to the EU and the Euro, there is no mistaking the hardline tone of Alexis Tsipras when it comes to dealing with the Troika of the IMF, the ECB and the European Commission (EC).

In Athens yesterday, Tsipras told the crowds “Your decision today has made the Troika a thing of the past,” according to London’s Telegraph.

“Our victory is a victory for all people in Europe who are fighting austerity. The new Greek government will be willing to collaborate and negotiate with our European counterparts for a fair solution so that Greece can emerge from the vicious circle of debt.”

Syriza appear to have every intention of keeping their election promises to cut taxes, raise public spending and increase the minimum wage. They maintain that this can be done while staying within budget by drastically cutting payments to their creditors.

Syriza’s likely finance minister to be, Yanus Varoufakis, told Channel 4, ” We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system.”

Exactly who Syriza define as being part of the oligarchy system is unclear as of now but it is likely that many banks and financial institutions – the beneficiaries of the current reform program – will be in Syriza’s sights.

The EU will be loathe to give any concessions that may weaken Europe’s already desperately fragile banking system. Brussels will be unwilling to sustain any such concessions lest other countries, like Ireland, demand a restructuring or write-down of their debts.

Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, offered tacit support for renegotiation of the so called Greek bailout when in Davos, while also expressing hope that Greece remain within euro zone.

 If Syriza is blocked from improving the conditions of Greece’s working and middle classes, it may have no alternative but to leave the Euro – a very messy and chaotic process which would lead to the end of the single currency as we know it. It would also make more likely a return to drachmas, pesetas, liras and punts.

Skillful accommodations will need to be negotiated on both sides if Greece is to remain in the Euro and the banking system is to remain intact.

Tsipras’ lack of experience and Brussels’ lack of humility may not be conducive to such accommodations.

With the ECB’s admission that the Eurozone is already in a very fragile state, it seems great uncertainty lies ahead for the international monetary system.

Gold remains an essential hedge for investors at this time and an insurance policy for depositors in the euro zone and internationally – exposed to the dual risk ofbail-ins and euro devaluation.

The Comprehensive Guide to Bail-ins: Protecting Your Savings in the Coming Bail-in Era


Today’s AM fix was USD 1,282.75, EUR 1,141.54 and GBP 854.60 per ounce.
Friday’s AM fix was USD 1,293.50, EUR 1,150.29 and GBP 863.49 per ounce

Gold and silver both performed well last week and rose 1.43% and 3.45% respectively. Gold edged down $10.0 or 0.77% to $1,293.70 per ounce Friday and silver fell $0.08 or 0.44% to $18.30 per ounce.

Today, gold has pulled back 1 percent as traders cashed in gains after the five month highs attained last week. The ripple felt in other markets on the Syriza’s party victory in the Greek elections may have squeezed some nervous traders into cashing in their positions.

Spot gold was down 1 percent at $1,280.10 an ounce by in early London trading. Comex U.S. gold futures for February delivery were down $8.70 at $1,283.90.

Silver was down 1.7 percent at $17.99  an ounce in London, while platinum was down 0.7 percent at $1,251.25 an ounce and palladium was down 0.8 percent at $770 an ounce.

Investor sentiment has improved somewhat recently due to safe haven demand for bullion. Bullion buyers are continuing to accumulate today viewing weakness as an opportunity.

Bullish bets on gold futures and options increased for a fourth week in the week ending January 20, while holdings of gold-backed ETFs have also increased.

 A new Asian gold contract by CME Group began trading in Hong Kong on today. The 1 kilogramme (kg) physically settled contract was trading at a premium of $2-$3 an ounce over the global benchmark.

The CME contract follows new contracts trading in China and Singapore. While, liquidity has been an issue, the moves again show how the gold market is moving East and Asia becoming increasingly important to both the setting of the price and to the physical bullion market in terms of supply, demand and storage.

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GEAB: Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin

First half of 2015 – Oil, the Middle East, Charlie Hebdo… Last resilience tests of the Western “model”: commit suicide or adapt

Global systemic crisis 2015 – Oil, currencies, finance, societies, the Middle East : Massive storm in the Western port!

Global systemic crisis 2015 – Future dynamics cause Europe distance itself from the warlike rationale of the Occidental camp

Global systemic crisis – 2015: The world is defecting to the East

Sunday News Briefs

Rick Aclerman: Obamacare Is Just Medicaid for Everyone –  $ GDXJ – Junior Gold Miner ETF


“We are doing surveys here in the next few weeks up in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria to see if there is a place where perhaps some of that equipment could be stored there,” USAREUR chief Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said during an interview with Stars and Stripes. “Maybe it’s a company, maybe it’s a whole battalion, we don’t know yet until we do the survey.”

Hot War in Ukraine

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

The situation in southern Ukraine has rapidly deteriorated today as the NAF have begun an “offensive operation” in Mariupol. How this plays out in the days ahead remains to be seen but wait until you see and hear the YouTube clip we’ve found.

Again, the TFMR Ukraine War Correspondent, SilverSooner, continues to keep Turdville up-to-date with all of the changing information. SS is able to see through some of the “war fog” and present concise summaries for all of us from information gleaned from his contacts on the ground in the Donbass. The first comment listed below is a copy-and-paste of the information he shared with us late yesterday.


John Mauldin – We Are Now Seeing A Shocking Level Of Desperation Around The World

from KingWorldNews:

John Mauldin had this to say about the historic Swiss move and ensuing chaos: “The (historic) Swiss (move), it was kind of like the (Roberto) Duran (vs) Sugar Ray Leonard fight: He (Duran) walked back to the corner and said, ‘No mas.’ He just couldn’t take any more pain. The European Court of Justice on Tuesday said, ‘OK, you (the ECB) really can do QE.’ They (the Swiss National Bank) get a back-channel phone call that says, ‘OK, we’re not going to do just 50 billion (euros) — it’s going to be open-ended because we are going to double-down.’

So they (the SNB) had the meeting on (that) Wednesday and realized, ‘We’re already down 60 billion francs — $70 billion — on this trade. Our balance sheet is now 80 percent of our national GDP.’ That would be like the U.S. Federal Reserve having a balance sheet of (roughly) $13 trillion — some horrendously big number. The goldbugs would be freaking out if our balance sheet (at the Fed) was that big….

John Mauldin Audio Interview @

War, Gold, Paper Assets And Financial Collapse

The United States as we’ve known it since WW2 is coming apart at the seams.  This collapse will likely begin to accelerate this year.  Interestingly, while everyone marvels over the “strength” of the dollar, remember that the dollar is only going up vs. other western fiat crap currencies (see yesterday’s post).   Eric Dubin of The News Doctors and Rory Hall of The Daily Coin discuss how this is currently playing out in a 2-part podcast:

The Coming War, Gold, Paper Assets and Your Part in the Ongoing Financial Collapse

The Slow Death Of The Dollar

“How did you go bankrupt?  “Two ways:  Slowly then suddenly.”  (Hemingway, “The Sun Also Rises”)

Great read by the way…It’s no secret that Russia is openly working to rid itself of using the dollar in its trade activities and that China is methodically eliminating the dollar.

Well, this just hit the newswires today:

Central Bank of Iran:   Iran stops using dollar in international settlements –  “In foreign trade we from now on shall be using other currencies, including yan, euro, Turkish lira, Russian rouble and South Korean won,” the Central Bank’s deputy head Gholam Ali Kamyab told the Tasnim News Agency.

Here’s the news link:  (Tass Russian News Agency,  Tasnim News Agency)

Kind of amazing to think the dollar is being discarded around the world considering the recent “strength” of the dollar index. But don’t forget that the commonly referenced measurement of the dollar is the U.S. dollar index, which measured against the euro, yen, pound, canadian dollar, Swiss franc and krona. Get it? Who cares if the dollar is strong vs. other dying fiat currencies. The dollar was only up a little over 1% vs. gold in 2014 and that was due to the inexorable manipulation. The dollar was DOWN vs. the yuan. So how strong, really, is the dollar?

To use another Hemingway reference –  America:  Don’t not ask for whom the bells tolls…it tolls for thee.

Blowout Victory For Syriza In Greek Elections: Live Webcasts

UPDATE: Greek Government official admits electoral defeat by Syriza

According to the initial exit polls, in first place, with some 35.5%-39.5% of the vote is Syriza, a huge lead over the second placing New Democracy which has 23-27% of the vote – far more than polls had indicated previously 0 and a place which practically assures Tsipras’ party an absolute majority.

Today Athens, Tomorrow Madrid

The picture that Brussels’ bureaucrats are most afraid of…


The European Central Bank (ECB)’s plans to inject liquidity into the euro zone includes the purchase of around €100 billion of Spanish government bonds between now and September 2016.


The German chancellor reportedly offers an agreement with the European Union at the World Economic Forum in Davos
Iran FM in rare Saudi visit after king’s death
Iran’s foreign minister arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for a rare visit to the regional rival, bringing condolences after the death of King Abdullah, television pictures showed.
California bars judges from belonging to Boy Scouts
California’s Supreme Court voted to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays. The court said its seven justices unanimously voted to heed a recommendation by its ethics advisory committee barring judges’ affiliation with the organization.

The Great Iran Debate And Bibi’s Neocon Obstructionists

By Justin Raimondo

Unlike subversives of the past, the neocons make no effort to hide their allegiance to a foreign government. Indeed, with refreshing honesty, they openly proclaim it, as House Speaker John Boehner has done with his invitation to Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress as the Great Iran Debate takes place………

Read on…

King Abdullah: Medieval Reactionary, Brutal Despot, Incessant Warmonger

By Contributor

By Murtaza Hussain at The Intercept After nearly 20 years as de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah ibn-Abdulaziz al-Saud died last night at the age of 90. Abdullah, who took power after his predecessor King Fahd suffered a stroke in 1995, ruled as absolute monarch of a country which protected American interests but also sowed strife …

Read on…


The first journalist to report on the death of a Argentine state prosecutor, who was investigating the deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, said on Saturday that he had fled Argentina fearing for his life. “I’m leaving because my life is in danger. My phones are tapped,” Damian Pachter, a journalist with the Buenos Aires Herald, told the website Infobae.




The Horror That Is Coming Or Is Already Here


SBX Haarp Prevents Snowpack in Sierras, PROOF, on 12 03 2014

Genetic programming for the Brave New Utopia

The truth is, thousands and thousands of genetic experiments will continue to be performed, in the dark, based on a very small amount of knowledge. The grotesque results will be cast aside as unfortunate casualties in the march toward The New World. DNA isn’t the key to “a better human.” Individual freedom and power are, and they launch a process of living and thinking and imagining and creating that can’t be short-circuited. Can’t be synthesized or fabricated.

Obamacare Website Funneling Private Consumer Data To Private Companies

The government’s health insurance website is quietly sending consumers’ personal data to private companies that specialize in advertising and analyzing Internet data for performance and marketing… but it’s for your own goodThe Obama administration says’s connections to data firms were intended to help improve the consumer experience.

New Report Says Shinar Directive IS Coming And People Will Have Microchips Installed In Bodies, Brains Integrated With A.I. Systems, Nanobots Crawling Through Veins…
In the near future science fiction will become reality in the world’s workplaces with holograms, mind control and robots common place, a new report says. Accounting software company MYOB has just released its “Future of Business Report” which forecasts how we will have mircochips installed in our bodies to provide health and wellbeing information so food and vitamin intake can be better managed. Our brain will also be more integrated and we will be able to control technology through thought.

NSA To Use Your Home As Cyber-Battlefield
New Snowden documents recently revealed that the NSA is getting ready for future digital wars as the agency postures itself in an aggressive manner towards the world. “The Five Eyes Alliance“, a cooperation between United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, is working hard to develop these weapons of Cyber Warfare. So called “D” weapons, as reported by Der Spiegel, will paralyze computer networks and infrastructure that they monitor. Water supplies, factories, airports, as well as the flow of money are all potential targets.

Here Is Just One Example Of What The Shinar Directive Is Already Doing: Human Kidneys From Aborted Babies Are Now Being Grown In Laboratory Rats
Researchers say they have developed a new technique that will get more kidneys to people who need transplants, but the method is sure to be controversial: The research shows that it is feasible to remove a kidney from an aborted human fetus, and implant the organ into a rat, where the kidney can grow to a larger size. It’s possible that further work could find a way to grow kidneys large enough that they could be transplanted into a person, the researchers said, although much more research is needed to determine whether this could be done.

During The Shinar Directive, Will People Be Visited By Mindclones From Dead Folks? New Stanford Research Suggests Feasibility

In an episode of the popular dark sci-fi show ‘Black Mirror‘, realistic digital personalities of the dead are recreated from data alone. London-based firm “Lean Mean Fighting Machine” has developed an artificial intelligence system that can analyse a person’s Twitter feed, and then impersonate them after death.

Atlanta Official Issues ‘Warning To All Americans’ About Blood On The Altar War
The plight of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran has caught America’s attention, but he is just the latest Christian to have his career vaporized by something that was said or written, according to religious liberty advocates. But unlike the dozens of other Christians who have lost jobs or businesses because they dared to violate the sensitivities of the LGBT community, Cochran’s firing became a national story. The fact that establishment media like the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CNN and others have reported the firing of Cochran is good, but it could also be bad. The widespread coverage could signal that the media elites are sending a message to America that this is about to become standard procedure: Speak out of turn, even in your private life, in a way that offends the LGBT community, and you lose your job.

Mitt Romney Highlights Mormon Faith Ahead Of Potential White Horse Zenith 2016 Prophecy Bid
In a speech here Friday night, Mitt Romney reminded the world that he’s a Mormon – and made clear that it would be a key part of his presidential campaign if he does decide to run for a third time. Romney put his faith, something he rarely spoke about or demonstrated on the 2012 or 2008 campaign trail, front and center while addressing Republican National Committee members aboard the USS Midway in San Diego, saying that those closest to him, including his wife Ann, know him not only as a businessman and politician but as a devoted leader in the Mormon church.

The City of David vs. The Propaganda Machine
While the political battles rages on in the national struggle between the Jews and Arabs of Israel, another battle goes on behind the scenes, away from the public’s eye. For years, archaeology has been playing an increasingly crucial role in the battle of two opposing national narratives, however, while Israeli archaeologists and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have worked to preserve Islamic sites, Islamic authorities have done all they can to deny and destroy any evidence of any historical Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, and especially the city of Jerusalem

Indian Scholar Says World Will Soon Follow One New Religion
Declaring ‘Vedanta’ as the future religion, Satyamayananda said with confidence that the current generation in our country is not bothered about what is written in their secret books, neither are they aware of their ancestors.

Will He Be Consecrating America For An End Times Role? Petrus Romanus’ Visit To NYC To Include Addressing The U.N. And Joint Session Of US Congress, Then A Gigantic Mass To Be Held At Madison Square Garden
A meeting with President Barack Obama, a celebration of mass at Washington’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and a speech before a joint meeting of Congress are suggested highlights of the pontiff’s visit to the nation’s capital. The focus of the pope’s visit to Philadelphia will be the World Meeting of Families 2015 as previously confirmed by the Vatican. Pope Francis would arrived in New York City on the afternoon of Sept. 24 and leave early in the morning of Sept. 26. Archbishop Auza said Pope Francis’s may address the U.N. general-assembly on Sept. 25 which is the opening of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Summit. “We expect him to address the UN…

As Father Malachi Martin Predicted—The Vatican Under Petrus Romanus Now A Tool Of Anti-Capitalist NWO
What does this means for potential Democratic Catholic candidates for 2016 like Vice President Joe Biden or former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley? For one, they will have more latitude now that they don’t have to worry about the right bird-dogging their every word on social issues and the media taking their critiques seriously.

Also Under Design At DARPA: Microchipped Super Soldiers, Tesla Laser Guns, Robotic Avatars, Flying Hunter-Killers … 
DARPA’s future-tech research leaves little to the imagination—lasers, lightning guns, and robotic avatar interfaces just to name a few. One notable category of research that will alter the future practice of warfare is lasers guns that shoot lightning. If Tesla-in-a-gun is not your cup of tea, consider turning humans into passwords, as DARPA researchers have been working on ways to make traditional electronic/computer passwords obsolete.

]Young People Ready For Shinar Directive Mark Of The Beast, New Research Shows
Three-quarters of 16- to 24-year-olds are ready to ditch passwords in favour of biometric security measures such as facial recognition, fingerprint and retina scanning, research has revealed. In a survey commissioned by Visa, 76 per cent said they would feel comfortable making a payment using biometric security and 69 per cent believe this would make their lives faster and easier.

Apple Wants To Store Your Biometrics In The iCloud In Prep For All Buying & Selling Via 666-Payment System
Apple is considering storing customers’ biometric data in the cloud to enable next-generation payment methods, according to new patent application found by Apple Insider. The application relates to “finger biometric sensor data synchronisation via a cloud computing device and related methods,” with one potential implementation being to authorise a “financial transaction.”

A Third Gender? Why The Shinar Directive Will Be A Natural Extension Of Oneism
Oneism extends into sexuality as androgyny and homo / bi-sexuality.  After all, if all is one, then there are no distinctions between male and female. However a supernatural worldview makes these distinctions based on a creature / creator separation. Jesus said, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female,” Mt 19:4. Now Thailand is writing a third gender into its constitution. President Obama would seemingly concur.

Lesbian Premier Now Orders Ontario’s Sex-Educators To Begin Teaching Kids About Giving Sexual ‘Consent’ From ‘The Very Earliest Stages’
Ontario’s lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has specifically requested that the proposed sex-education curriculum slated for all schools next fall include a component teaching kids about giving sexual “consent” from “the very earliest stages.”

Like Lot Observed While Sitting In The Gates Of Sodom, Mayor Of Philadelphia To Wed Israeli Diplomat In Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony

Elad Strohmyer, deputy consul general of Israel in City of Brotherly Love, will be the first diplomat married in a ceremony conducted by Mayor Michael Nutter at Philadelphia’s City Hall. Maybe it really is always sunny in Philadelphia – the mayor of the city of brotherly love will marry a high-ranking Israeli diplomat with his partner in a religious-civic ceremony.


Trader Dan Norcini on Money Metals

Mike Gleason: It is my pleasure to welcome in Dan Norcini to our Money Metals podcast. Dan is a professional off-the-floor commodities trader bringing more than 20 years of experience in the markets. Dan’s editorial contributions and supporting technical analysis cover a range of tradable entities, including the precious metals and foreign exchange markets, as well as the broader commodity world. He is a frequent contributor to both Reuters and Dow Jones, and can be found as a source in the Wall Street Journal’s Commodity section from time to time, as well as CBS MarketWatch, and you can follow his fabulously detailed work at It’s great to have him on today. Dan, how are you? Thanks for joining us.

Dan Norcini: Hey Mike. Thanks for having me here. It’s really a pleasure to be with you. I appreciate the invite.

Mike Gleason: Well to start out I want to say that we’ve been following your work for quite some time, and have always appreciated your honest take on the markets. I hope to get your thoughts on a number of things today, but I first wanted to hear your comments on the news last week coming out of Switzerland. As our listeners know, the SNB (Swiss National Bank) shocked the world’s currency markets by abandoning the policy of pegging the Swiss franc to the weakening euro. For 3 years the SNB was trying to keep up with the money printing going on in the Eurozone. Why did they change course, and talk about the market reaction, because it sparked a lot of chaos in the currency markets didn’t it?

Dan Norcini: It sure did, and I tell you Mike, today is a great day to be speaking about this topic in general simply because this was a day that was historic from a financial realm perspective because the ECB for the first time in history announced a massive quantitative easing program. Of course we’re all glued around our screens to see what the details of that were going to be, but essentially what happened last week, and now we’re starting to see a general trend in this, is that the Swiss National Bank pretty much gave a tip off in advance that whatever was going to be coming out of the ECB this morning with its announcement on their QE program was going to at least have some decent size to it. The ECB in the past has tended to disappoint when it comes to financial monetary stimulus. They tended to talk a talk, but then when it came down to deliver, they seem to be a little bit hesitant to push the strings too hard, so to speak.

What happened was, when the SNB made that surprise announcement a lot of us read that as saying, “Wow,” because they were not going to make an announcement like that without knowing something that was going on with the conversations in the ECB at large. Most of us thought pretty much that we were going to get something pretty decent in size, and of course that was confirmed today. Really, the details of this are real simple. When the Swiss essentially were putting in their euro to that 1.20 level in the franc, that was requiring them to buy a lot of euros. In other words, they were burning through a lot of reserves that they had, and mainly because there were so many money flows going in to Switzerland for safe haven simply because the interest rate differential was there as well. What happened was, all that money, and let’s call it hot money, Mike. Essentially it was hot money flowing in terms of yield, tending to push the Swiss franc up on the cross against the euro.

Well, the Swiss National Bank obviously, like any other central bank reasonably does not want a strong currency. Then to require them to go ahead and keep that floor pegged at 1.20 was essentially they were burning through a bunch of their reserves, and in the process … This is what’s important, they were acquiring a lot of euros. When you’re looking at what the ECB might be doing here week out, and you’re got the idea that this is going to be a decent sized stimulus program, that meant for the Swiss, they were going to be acquiring a great deal of a currency that was going to be depreciating. You’re loading your reserves up with something that’s going to be going down in value. At that point they made the decision to say, “Look, we can’t do this anymore,” and they abandoned the peg. I personally don’t have any problem with them doing that. I think it was indeed a fruitless task, and I think they were eventually going to be defeated by the market at large anyway.

The quibble I have with them is the manner in which they did it Mike, and this leads me back to central banks in particular. Central banks depend to a great extent out there on their trustworthiness among market participants. If a central bank says they’re going to do such and such, it’s up to them to cultivate that trustworthiness among investors and traders, because if not, they’re not going to get the kind of response that they want when they come out and they make policy announcements in advance anyhow. You know, we call that verbal intervention, but once they forfeit the trust of the market, the market tends to discount anything that they say. Well, it was the Swiss themselves that said, “We’re going to keep this peg at 1.20.” They were very vocal about it. They weren’t shy about mentioning the fact that they were defending that. Essentially trying to keep their currency from appreciating against the euro, and then to pull this without any sort of trial balloon, any sort of warning, they unleashed a huge amount of devastation in the financial markets.

I might make a comment here Mike that I’m not a big fan of central banks in particular. But I must say this, both the Federal Reserve here in the United States, and particularly now recently the ECB, the European Central Bank, I think handled their policy announcements, and their policy program implementations very, very well. Look at the warning we had coming out of the ECB about this quantitative easing program that they were going to embark on. We’ve been talking about this now for a couple of months. It was yesterday even they floated a trial balloon out there. I believe they did that on purpose to prepare the market in advance to take some of the shock out of it. The whole transition went relatively smoothly. Then you contrast that with what the Swiss National Bank did, and you look at the results for that, and it was devastated. They ruined certain brokerage firms, they destroyed individual traders, they took some hedge funds under with them, they upset a lot of businesses that were based in Switzerland that had hedge positions on in the currency markets.

All that went upside down, and again, no warning, no trial balloon, no advance notice. To me that was a perfect case of what you’re not supposed to do. Either way the point was they were reacting to a planned policy announcement about a QE program and that’s exactly why they abandoned the peg. One other quick note along this line too Mike is that we saw something very similar with the Danish Central Bank, the Denmark Bank. They did that surprise rate cute, and they tried to cut the floor out from under their own currency as well, because they again were worried about their currency appreciating against the euro. Then yesterday we saw a shock move by the Bank of Canada which very rarely happens where the Bank of Canada did a 25 basis point cut in their main rate, and now undercut the Canadian dollar, the Cando as we call it. That had a huge move lower. Again that was in response to lower crude oil prices.

What we’re seeing in my mind is a currency war where various nations are all intent on depreciating their currency, and if you want to call it a war, you could say that the US is losing in the war because the dollar is the king right now. All the money is going into the dollar, and the dollar, I think it’s made roughly around a 12 or 13 year high on the US Dollar Index today. It’s amazingly strong.

Mike Gleason: Some of the that money is going into gold and silver. Both metals have fared pretty well since this news last week. Is that an indication that maybe they are reasserting themselves as safe havens in a currency crisis, currency war type of world, you’d think that they would hold up pretty well. Is that fair to say?

Dan Norcini: I do Mike, I really do. I view gold as a quasi commodity quasi currency, and you have to figure out what it wants to be at any particular time in the economic cycle. I guess for the last 3 years or so … two and half, three years after gold peaked out about $1,900, gold has been trading as a commodity. And reason I say that is you look at a general commodity complex, and that’s can be evidenced by what you’re seeing in the commodity indices like the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index, the famed CRB Index, you have the Rogers Commodity Index. There’s lot of these things that are out there, and all of these commodity indices have been moving sharply lower, and the reason that they’ve been doing that is that you had a huge amount of supply come into the market starting about a couple years ago, back you remember when we had all that hot money running into the commodity complex late 2008 into call it 2011.

For about a 3 year period there we had hot money chasing yield on the heels of a weaker dollar, and that jacked the price of commodities up all across the board. Well what happens when you get high prices is you get increased production. That’s what happened. We had big increases in copper production, and of course in the grains, the corn market, the soy bean market, wheat. You had silver production increase as a byproduct of what’s going on in the copper industry. Then you had this huge supply come on the market at the same time the global economy began to slow down, so what happened was the demand fell of a cliff. As it did the entire complex started to move lower, and as that happened you saw gold trading as a commodity. It was following the general commodity complex lower. It was going down, silver was going down. Your base metals copper, platinum, palladium, all those were going down as well.

Now recently we still had this continued down draft in the commodities sector in general, but then you saw gold reverse course and begin to move higher, and that was a divorce from what it had been doing over the last 2 and half, 3 years, and to me that was a tip off that this thing was beginning now to reassert itself as a currency. You really see this when you look at gold when it’s priced in terms of some of these foreign currencies, Mike, particularly the majors like the euro or the yen. On my website today I threw up a chart of euro gold. What that is it’s the price of gold measured in euros. One would be shocked to look at the amazing difference between the price of gold in euros, or in yen for that matter, and the price of gold in US dollars. The charts don’t even look similar.

They’re amazing how strong they are in terms of the euro and the yen, and what’s that’s telling us though as traders and investors is that within those various nations, the Eurozone, or in Japan where you see this experiment in quantitative easing still being engaged in, and essentially the currencies being debased, or weakened, you’re seeing people in those nations, they don’t have a lot of viable alternatives at this point where they were going to put some money. The average person. Now sophisticated investors can do a lot more, but your average “Joe 6-Pack”, let’s use that term, doesn’t have the options at their disposal. A lot of them will move in and buy gold to protect against what they know is currency depreciation. They may not understand all the fundamentals behind it, and all the financial issues, but they know their currencies not buying what it used to. So they go and they move into gold, and you’ll see that again, when gold was priced in euro terms, and gold price in yen terms.

That’s telling us that it’s moving as a currency, particularly the fact that gold was moving higher even as the dollar was moving higher, Mike. Again, that’s something we haven’t seen over the last 2 and half years. Generally as the dollar strengthened … I call gold the anti-dollar, generally it would go the opposite direction. If the dollar was going up, gold was going down. That was a consistent pattern. When that pattern changed, and gold began to follow the dollar higher, which is by the way how it has to do when gold’s going to depreciate in terms of the other foreign currencies, then you know it was trading as currency. That’s what we’re seeing right now in the gold market.

Mike Gleason: Speaking more about gold as a currency, we’ve got a situation similar to Switzerland pegging to the euro. We have a more substantial situation over there in China. That nations has been pegging the yuan to the US dollar. I’m sure I’m not the only one that was thinking about this last week about, gosh, how catastrophic would it be if the Chinese government woke up one day and decided that it wasn’t worth it to keep pegging their currency to ours? Do you see such a move like that happening at some point, and then what kind of market ramifications would there be if that were to happen?

Dan Norcini: I would tell you Mike, if that were to happen it would be huge. I shudder even to think of the gyrations, and convulsions that would be unleashed across the markets. Right now if I were to take a guess at that, I would put the likelihood of that happening as very low, and the reason being is that one of the things for the moment, of course things can change in this volatile environment that we’re in, but one of the reasons that the Swiss, again, did what they did was because in requiring them to amass a tremendous amount of euros in order to main that peg. In other words they had to buy euros at the expense of the franc. That would weaken the franc, and again it would keep euros in their reserves. When they understood that they were going to be holding a depreciating currency as a result of a ECB QE policy announcement, there was no way that it was going to be feasible for them, because their reserves were going to be depreciating.

The thing about China right now is it’s got huge reserves. Huge treasury reserves, and that comes about because of the balance of trade differential which so strongly favors China. They’re holding a massive amount of their reserves in US dollar denominated debt. The thing is the dollar’s not depreciating, it’s going up. From China’s standpoint, their reserves are going up in value, so there really is no particular reason for them to do that right now. In other words, interest rates may be going lower generally around the globe, but the US still has the highest rates in the industrialized countries, so that’s a plus if you’re holding a treasury debt in size that China does. Secondly, you’re getting capital appreciation on those bonds as the price of the bonds goes up as well. There’s not a lot of incentive in my mind for them to undo that peg at this time. The only reason I could see them trying to do it possibly would be for export competitive reasons.

I can’t see them doing it because of those reasons I cited. Think those have to change obviously, but China’s got its own set of problems right now, and the least of which I think is their currency. I think the main problem with China has to do with an overheated economy that was built on too much debt, too much credit, and we’re starting to see now there economies beginning to contract.

China I think is something we are going to have to deal with though down the road, Mike, that being said. You’ve got a lot of excess in that nation, and how that’s going to work itself out is anybody’s guess. If history is any guide, it’s not going to be pleasant.

Mike Gleason: You follow the overall commodities markets very closely of course, and I wanted to get your take on copper and crude oil because those markets have been taking a pretty big hit recently. So what do you make of that as maybe a leading indicator for potential things to come, and then what do you make of the fact that precious metals have held up quite well over the last few weeks despite the declines in those 2 important economic barometers?

Dan Norcini: Yeah, those are good questions Mike. I call them the big Cs. Copper, and crude oil, and I throw another one in there named cotton. Cotton I tend to look at because it’s a textile fabric. It’s a general measure, if the economy’s doing well globally you’ll see a lot of clothing being made, a lot of cotton’s being purchased and turned into goods for people to wear. Cotton prices are in the toilet as well. They’ve been moving lower, so you’ve got the big 3 C all going down. Another one is lumber. Lumber’s a good indicator of global economic growth in general, but particularly in the housing sector. Lumber prices haven’t been going anywhere either. You’ve got these key barometers that are showing us slowing economic growth. Copper in particular had a rough day today, which his surprising to me to be honest with you. You’ve got some of these metals, and by that I mean the platinum, and the palladium complex which they can trade a lot of times as industrial metals, or as precious metals.

They’re sort of that hybrid like silver tends to be, but generally they’ve been following more the industrial trade, so if the base metals have been moving lower, those metals have been moving lower as well. Platinum had some sharp falls lately, so has palladium. Well they went higher today, but copper went lower. It went the exact opposite of what some of us thought might possibly happen when that ECB program was announced. So the copper market is telling us that right now it’s more focused on China, and potential slowing growth in China, because China’s the number one copper consuming nation in the world right now. The EU, the European Zone, and the US compete for number two spot. I would have thought copper would have gotten a little bit of a lift out of this today, but apparently not. That doesn’t bode well as you look ahead. The same for crude oil. People are trying to pick a bottom in here, but I’m not sure about that.

I still think we’ve got more downside in the crude oil market simply because you’ve got to get that price down I think lower yet to really curtail production. If a lot of these producers are hanging on the edge of their seat, if they look at that quote screen, and they see that price start running back up. For instance, if West Texas Intermediate gets above 50, some of those plans to shutter some of those oil wells, they’re going to scrap them. They’re going to go out and keep them pumping. You’ve got to keep the price of that oil down lower enough, and the key is long enough to really curtail a production. Anyhow that being said, those two important commodities you mentioned sending us a signal of deflation and slow growth. As you mentioned, gold and silver have been able to withstand that pressure simply because they’re functioning as safe havens, so as long as we’re in an ultra low interest rate environment Mike, this is the big key in my mind.

The opportunity cost to hold gold as insurance is very, very low. One of the reasons that gold does not do well in my mind during a period in which real interest rates are positive is because you have to pay to hold large amounts of gold. In other words, you don’t buy and leave it out on the back deck somewhere, or leave it in the front room of your office. If you’re buying large quantities in particular like we expect from investment demand, that has to be stored. You’ve got to pay storage fees, vault fees, and then of course you’re going to insure it, so you’ve got insurance costs involved as well. There’s a cost in actually buying gold. When you’ve got an environment in which interest rates are real, there’s positive return on money invested, a lot of people will say, “You know what? Instead of buying gold for a safe haven, I’m going to buy bonds, treasury debt here in the US, or German bonds overseas or whatever, simply because they pay a yield, and there’s no cost involved in holding them, and I can make some money.”

But right now because you’ve got negative interest rates in several of the member states in the Eurozone, and you’re watching interest rates actually move lower across the entire Eurozone today. As a matter of fact, the yield on the 10 year German bond went down today as did the yield on the Italian 10 years, and the Spanish 10 year. Bond prices are going up because money is flowing in to the bonds, it’s front running the purchases of the ECB, and that’s working to push interest rates even lower. As you’ve got this ultra low interest rate environment, the cost to hold gold, to buy gold in that environment really comes down, and so it makes it, from an investing standpoint, makes a lot of sense to own it, particularly if you’re concerned about currency gyrations, and more central bank activity along that front. That’s why we see the metals relatively well supported. I think we’ll see gold in particular well supported on any dips in price.

They may not chase it higher now, because it’s run up pretty good over the last few weeks, but as far as dips in price, you should see them come in and try to buy this metal down on some forays down in chart support zones. I think you’ll see that.

Mike Gleason: Speaking more on the technicals here before we close. What are you looking for on the charts both for gold and silver resistant levels, support levels. What are you looking for on that?

Dan Norcini: Let me start out with silver first Mike. Silver has had a pretty nice run up off the $15 level too. I noted on a chart on my site today details the silver from the weekly chart perspective, and it’s managed to run up from a former support zone. You might remember Mike that silver had been be bopping around between $21 for a while, and it would drop down to about $18, $18.50, and it seemed like it was meandering in a constricting range there for, I guess, the better part of 4 or 5 months where it would oscillate between $20, and let’s call it $18. There was a lot of buying that showed up in silver below the $19 level, and extending down to $18. That was the nature of that market going all the way back to the summer of last year. When the price dropped through the bottom of that range, and I think that happened, if I remember, maybe I’m trying to say September of this past year, we saw the mark had moved down relatively quickly down toward the $15 zone, and that’s where the value based buyers showed up.

What they did was they were able to put a floor in the market. They weren’t able to drive it sharply higher, but they were able to bottom it. Value based buyers they will typically are the ones that will bottom your market after a down draft. That doesn’t mean they can take it higher, but it simply means they can keep it from dropping any lower. Generally, when that happens you’ll see a market begin to move sideways. In other words, you’ve got a floor that people feel comfortable acquiring the metal down at whatever that price might be. In silver’s case it was near $15. In gold we sold $1,180 was a pretty good area after it popped off $1,130, but they don’t have enough clout so to speak. It’s not enough of them to chase the price higher. That requires the kind of buying that can only come from the momentum based crowd, and those are the hedge funds. That’s your big investment entities, your institutions, and such in the West in particular.

We saw them come into silver I guess it was last week in a big way when silver finally took out $17.50 on the top. You had some good follow through. You had really good follow through yesterday as well. What that did was that pushed us up toward the bottom of that former floor support, which was right around $18.40, $18.50, and that’s where silver right now has seemed to run into some selling. Right around $18.50. That typically when you break a support level on a chart, and you fall below it, and then the market rallies back up, typically that support turns into a chart resistance area. In other words, that’s where you’ll sellers emerge. That’s what we saw so far in silver. We’ve got some sellers showing up there now. For silver to extend higher, you’ll have to clear that. In other words, you’ll have to get through that former support floor which was between $18.50, and call it $19. To me, if silver is going to extend higher, I would want to see it pushed through $19, and preferably through $20.

That would tell me that a lot of the guys that stepped in to sell it at that level, their offers were absorbed, and this thing looks like it’s going to go higher. That’s what I’d want to see to generate some higher silver prices as we move ahead. Again, the floor of support now in silver’s going to be down around $17.50. That’s where the break out point was. You might have a tight range in silver again where you’re looking between $18.50 for a while, and maybe $17.50. We’re going to have to wait and see how that market carves that up for us.

Gold is interesting to me because it’s at almost a vertical rise really since the beginning of the year. We were down if you think about it Mike. We were down there near $1,180 at the start of this year, and here we are, we’re over $1,300 which to me was a big deal. With gold, whenever you get a change in the handles were you go from $1,100, and you put a $1,200 handle in front of it, or you put a $1,300 handle in front of it, or a $1,400, that’s a big deal.

The reason I say that is because psychologically has an impact on buyers, particularly on a momentum crowd. Whether we like it or not, the nature of our markets today, they’re momentum based, and if something is going up, the big hedge funds, the hot money crowd they don’t ask why it’s going up, they just chase it. If something’s going down they don’t ask why it’s going down, they chase it lower. They chase motion whichever direction it goes. When you change handles from $1,100 to $1,200 that was a big deal. The fact that this thing ran up to $1,300 … It paused there yesterday. It had some troubles with it, then I went through there today. One thing I’m noticing is that it’s having trouble now. Now that it’s over $1,300 it hasn’t yet been able to extend past yesterdays high. For me as a technician, I’d want to see this thing get through that $1,307 level which would tell me it would have a run at possibly $1,320 to $1,325.

That’s the next area of resistance I see on the gold chart. I would expect that if it does get there, again, you’ll see the same hesitancy to run through there, because sellers are going to emerge at that level Mike. Again, it’ll be up to the bulls to prove that they can absorb the selling at that point. So again, we’ve got resistance at $1307, and then between $1,320 and $1325.

On the bottom we should find some buying support around the $1,275 level, and if $1,275 for some reason were to get taken out, I would expect pretty decent dip buying to show up around $1,250, $1,255. That’s how they look on the technical charts at the moment Mike as we get ready to close out the week.

Mike Gleason: There’s certainly a lot of things heating up. It seems there’s some fireworks emerging potentially. Of course these black swan events could happen at anytime. I think it’s going to be an interesting year. Well, Dan we want to thank you for your wonderful insights. We’re big fans of yours, and I know you’re a busy guy, especially these days given the craziness in the trading world. I really appreciate you giving us some time, and I hope we can do this again.

Dan Norcini: Well Mike, again, thanks for having me on the program. It was a real pleasure to be with Ya, and I wish you well there. Thank you very much.

Mike Gleason: Well that will do it for this week. Thanks again to Dan Norcini. Be sure to check him out at Check back next Friday for our next Weekly Market Wrap Podcast. Until then this has been Mike Gleason with Money Metals Exchange. Thanks for listening, and have a great weekend everybody.

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Barrett Brown, Kathy Kelly, and Bonny Mahoney are the kind of people who are imprisoned in America. It is not the perjurers and liars, the torturers, war criminals and mass murderers. It is the good people who peacefully protest the crimes of those who control the US government and its policies.

Since around 1990 I have studied and reported on cases that have resulted in the erosion of the protective features in law that made law a shield of the people instead of a weapon in the hands of the government. Barrett Brown’s statement to the Judge in his show trial shows that the US Department of Justice has been successful in preventing the system from delivering any justice. The US Court system delivers support for the government’s crimes. That’s it.

Brown’s statement shows how the system works. The government brings false charges against you or they bring charges that are not illegal under law as understood. However, prosecutors invent new interpretations of laws and judges and juries accept legislation-by-prosecutor-to-fit-the-made-up-case. Almost never is a jury involved, not that jurors show any inclination to go against the government’s case. However, prosecutors only face that unlikely risk in 3 or 4 percent of the cases. All other cases are settled on the basis of self-incrimination. The prosecutor tells the defendant and his attorney, “you can admit to this and that and have a sentence of 5 or 10 years. Otherwise, we are indicting you with 105 offenses with imprisonment of at least one lifetime.

Read Brown’s statement to the judge. This young man describes perfectly how the so-called “criminal justice system” actually works. I have seen it time after time in cases I have investigated. Read The Tyranny of Good Intentions. (PLEASE READ THIS)

Kathy Kelly and Bonny Mahoney were sentenced to prison for stepping across the perimeters of Air Force bases in peaceful protests against murder-by-drone. There was no real reason for charges to be brought against them or for a judge to sentence them to prison except to continue to make it crystal clear that the US government tolerates no dissent.

A democracy protected by free speech would permit these demonstrations, but the US is not a democracy and does not have free speech. That is the fact that Barrett Brown, Kathy Kelly and Bonny Mahoney are proving.

In my opinion, protesting drone murders at Air Force bases that operate the killer drones is unlikely to be effective in stopping the murders. Suppose the protests resulted in a base commander having second thoughts. What can he possibly do about it? If he disobeys orders, he would face a court martial. If he expresses doubts or makes protests to higher ups, he would be removed and a worse murderer would be put in his place.

To be effective in halting the drone murders, the protests would have to be very large and persistent, and the protests would have to focus on Congress and the White House. They would need public support, but would get none from the presstitute media or from “law and order” conservatives, patriot organizations, neoconservatives, or liberals who have bought into the “war on terror.”

What Brown, Kelly, and Mahoney are in fact proving is that the US is lawless in the sense that law serves only the government and its agenda. In America law no longer has any other meaning. There is no rule of law. We are ruled by the government’s agenda.

Interesting letter from a friend

I just sent his letter across the Nation and UK to 17 different Whole Food’s buyers and press contacts. It will be interesting to see how they respond.


I have always been impressed with the quality of products you offer, until recently. On your website you state that “values matter” and I agree. Would you also commit to stating that ISIS and terrorism are contrary to your core values and the values of many United State’s citizens? I recently read your blog where you are touting Halal foods being sold in your markets. Did you know that the Halal certified foods you offer are Sharia? Do you understand that the 2.5% Zakat tax on Halal foods goes to the Muslim Brotherhood who support terrorism? Therefore, If a customer purchases an Halal product from your market, that customer unwittingly supports terrorism and acts against humanity. It seems to me that anyone who knowingly promotes something that is against America and its soldiers is a traitor. Maybe it is just a matter of being uninformed on your part, but you now know. I hope you seriously ponder the information I have provided.

Halal tax:

Zakat explained:

Start selling Kosher products that do not require a terrorist tax.

Difference between Kosher and Halal:


News This Evening

Will Gold Be Part Of A New International Monetary System?

White House Proposals on 529 College Savings Plans Would Reduce Benefits

Seven Central Banks Take Anti-Deflationary Actions in Past Week

The big story this week has not been news coming out of the widely covered World Economic Forum in Davos or the much anticipated bond-buying program in Europe known as QE. The big story is the sheer number of central banks moving into panic mode in the span of a week.

Russia adds to world’s fifth-biggest gold reserves for 9th month


By Eddie van der Walt
Bloomberg News
Thursday, January 22, 2015

LONDON — Russia is showing no signs of slowing gold purchases as the fifth-biggest holder boosted reserves for a ninth month.

Doug Pollitt: Vlad in the machine


11:20a ET Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

While the United States has been running a speculative attack on the Russian ruble, Russia likely is running a more subtle attack on U.S. dollar hegemony by putting a bid under gold, Doug Pollitt of Pollitt & Co. writes in the Toronto brokerage firm’s market letter for January. Pollitt also notes the complaints of Comex metals traders about “spoof” trades driven by computers, the sort of practice that would have driven human traders from the floor in the old days. With Pollitt’s kind permission, his January letter, titled “Vlad in the Machine,” is posted in PDF format at GATA’s Internet site here:

Russian Propaganda Is Turning Into Russian Assassination


NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths And Super Earthquakes Beginning 2015 Due To Extreme Cold 30 Yr Period.

Islam Experts – No-Go Zones Looming For America

The “no-go zones” in some Western nations, where law enforcement has lost control because of the influence of Islamic law, are coming to America. That’s according to several Islam experts interviewed by WND who believe the kind of Muslim enclaves that have developed in Europe due to a lack of assimilation will eventually arise in

Western Politicians and Media Rush To Issue Tributes To King That Led The World In Beheadings, Whipped Bloggers For Criticism & Banned Women From Driving

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Dead at 90

American politicians and mainstream media are falling all over themselves praising the late Saudi King Abdullah.

LAODICEA AND THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS (Friday Church News Notes, January 23, 2015,,, 866-295-4143) – “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” (Revelation 3:15-16). One of the many lessons from this passage is the fact that the believer is either on fire for the Lord or he is backsliding. There is no neutral territory. I’m either “pressing on to higher ground” or I am going backwards. To stay hot requires a lot of effort. As soon as I pour my morning coffee, before I take the first eye-opening sip, it is cooling down. We have a hot water pot on 24/7 in our house, but the water is kept hot only through a constant flow of electricity to the heating elements. Scientists call this principle the Second Law of Thermodynamics. There is a universal law of decay, deterioration, which reminds us that we live in a fallen world. To maintain anything requires the constant application of energy, whether it be muscle tone or a shiny automobile, and this is true spiritually as well as physically. Lukewarm is merely a step on the way to cold. The source of energy that keeps the Christian life hot is a know-so salvation, a passionate walk with Christ, a serious relationship with His Word, a disciple’s faith and obedience. The hot Christian life is about zeal, passion, fervency, single-mindedness, unwavering devotion, first love.